The Moment

The #1 Bestselling Novel in France

Praise for The Moment:

“Kennedy is astonishing at communicating his characters’ emotional turmoil . . . and he tosses tough ethical questions our way as he ponders the ‘moment’ that could change everything—and the very nature of love.”

— Library Journal (starred review)

“An observant, compassionate, and romantic portrait of emotional turmoil in troubled times.”

— Publishers Weekly

“Kennedy’s evocative prose makes the eventual spellbinding finish worth the trip.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“Kennedy’s cold war novel is accessible and compelling as he calls up the oppressive regime of East Berlin and the dirty politics of the spy game…Readers are bound to fall under the sway of this richly romantic novel set against the melancholy backdrop of a divided city.”

— Booklist

“Douglas Kennedy captures The Moment of love at first sight.”

— Vanity Fair

“The revelation in the middle is the kind of gut-punch that subverts everything its narrator has found out so far—without destabilizing the rich, dark novel in progress.”

— The Onion’s A.V. Club

“Kennedy’s narrative virtuosity drives a story that blends romance and thrills in the right proportion . . . the sense of place is palpable.”

— Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“The denouement will have you feeling about as intense as printed words can make you.”

— The Times (UK)