Five Days: About the Book

Laura spends her days looking at other people’s potential calamities. She works in the radiography unit of a small hospital on the Maine coast, scanning and x-raying many a scared patient. Having a job where finding nothing is always the best result, she is well versed in the random unfairness of life, a truism that has started to affect her personally. Her husband Dan has become a stranger since losing his job eighteen months ago. With a son in college and a daughter set to leave home within the year, she wonders if the forthcoming empty nest will only deepen the disconnected state of her marriage.

Still, Laura keeps telling herself: travel hopefully. So when the opportunity arises for her to spend the weekend at a radiography conference in Boston, she jumps at the prospect. Upon check-in, she meets a man as grey and uninspired as the dreary hotel where she is staying. His name is Richard Coleman. He’s a fifty-something insurance salesman, also from Maine, also in Boston for the weekend. But when a chance meeting later that evening brings them together again, Laura begins to discover a far more complex and thoughtful man behind the grey façade. Like herself, Richard is someone who has now started to ponder all the limitations he has imposed on his own life, and who is also asunder in a marriage that is going nowhere.

Five Days is a profoundly moving love story that will have readers reflecting deeply about the choices made that so shape all our destinies. Featuring Kennedy’s trademark evocative prose and his brilliant ability to delineate life the way it is truly lived today, it is a novel that inspires tears and serious rumination. Because it speaks directly to the manifold contradictions of the human heart.