Douglas Kennedy

Douglas Kennedy is the author of twelve novels, including the international bestsellers The Big Picture, The Pursuit of Happiness, Leaving the World and The Moment.  His most recent novel, The Heat of Betrayal, is now available in English as well as in French as Mirage (with an American publication on 16 February 2016 under the title, The Blue Hour).  More than 14 million copies of his books have been sold worldwide and his work has been translated into 22 languages. He is currently working on his thirteenth novel.


In bookstores 16 February 2016!

“Once again, Douglas Kennedy shows that he is the undisputed master of the woman-in-peril rollercoaster ride of a tale…As well as being a gripping thriller, this book poses a universal question: how far are we prepared to go in pursuit of the truth, and do we really want the answers when we find them?”

— Louise Doughty, author of APPLE TREE YARD

“Douglas does it again! This is the kind of novel you absolutely cannot put down, the kind that gets your pulse racing, to such an extent you have to switch off your phone, ignore your entourage, and devour to the very end. Brilliantly compelling, startling, and exotic, definitely one of Kennedy's best works.”

— Tatiana de Rosnay, bestselling author of SARAH'S KEY

“The best book about Morocco since THE SHELTERING SKY. Completely absorbing and atmospheric.”

— Philip Kerr, author of the BERNIE GUNTHER series

“Kennedy has a knack for portraying characters readers love to hate.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“Morocco—vividly described—is a shock of heat, smells, and searing colors…. Kennedy is one of the few writers to understand that people in love are basically insane; this love story darkens into a thriller as the methodical Robin pursues the truth. Romance noir, superbly written.”

— The Times (London)